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Peak Performance: How to reach your goals through minfulness

Mindfulness is a hot topic. But what does it actually mean to be mindful, and how can you put these principles into practice? In this post I’m going to explore what mindfulness really means from a performance perspective, and show you how we use these techniques on a daily basis.

Practice Mindful Breathing. by taking a few mindful breaths before you engage in an athletic event or exercise, you are able to have an alertness, focus, and bring on a calm and clearer state of mind.

Start your day right with a mindful morning routine. A big focus on mindfullness is setting intention. Ask yourself: “What is my intention for today?” Use prompts to help answer that question, as you think about the people and activities you will face throughout your day.

Pause. Take a moment to simply reflect, and become aware of how you are feeling.

All the above and more can be learnt and added to you daily life. I work with people who are seeking more performance in their leadership, sports, and other physical, mental or emotional endeavours. Please get in touch to learn more about your personalised plan.


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