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Get to work! How mindfulness among colleagues benefits a company's success

If you've read my previous blogs about mindfulness, you'll know that the key benefit of the practice is coping with stress. Stress is the enemy of performance, remember? Click here to catch up if you missed out!

We often link performance to our career, since in today's world we've been programmed to believe that the more work the better. Our jobs pay the bills, occupy many of our waking hours and can even give our lives meaning. They can also be a source of significant stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations. No matter what your job, work can be anxiety-provoking. Mindfulness can help.

As an employee, an individual, a person then you will surely connect and resonate with the personal benefits on mindfulness for your wellbeing. However, is you are a leader, a business owner, the boss or CEO, you surely will also be wondering what the ROI on such a practice could be.

Bringing mindfulness to the workplace has the potential to decrease people’s stress and anxiety through heightened awareness, which in turn leads to improved performance. Also, perhaps most importantly from a leadership perspective, mindfulness encourages engagement. Being fully present as a leader— and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards both personally and professionally.

Leader's want the best for their business AND their team. The two goals are one, as one is a direct reflection of the other. By improving your teams efficiency, performance and stress levels, the results soon follow.

To know more about how mindfullness and other wellness practices can benefit your company or workplace, please get in touch.

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