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Couples that Reiki together, stay together!

As we've discussed, stress is the enemy of our ability to perform. Relationship stress can take a toll on the strongest of bonds. When stress enters any relationship, it has the potential to create distance, disagreements and disconnection between you and your partner. But by supplying a steady supply of support for your partner when he or she is stressed, not only can you learn how to deal with stress and relationships, you’ll also create a new level of intimacy that actually brings you both closer together.

How does your partner act when they’re stressed? Hectic schedules and everyday work-life demands make it easy to become wrapped up in our own worlds. But when we lose sight of our partner’s stress, then we are not communicating and we are not connecting. This is why it is imperative to make the extra effort to recognise when you’re dealing with a stressed partner.

To answer “How does stress affect relationships?” first ask yourself, “How does my partner show his or her stress? How do his or her sleeping habits, eating habits, mood, energy levels or disposition change?”

Reiki for couples is a profoundly effective way to reconnect and deepen romantic relationships. The sheer relaxation of a Reiki session shared with a partner facilitates harmony and communication as it reduces stress. Couples Reiki strengthens an already stable connection, yet it can also re-kindle a spark that has grown dim. And, for those couples involved in traditional talk-therapy, the Reiki sessions are a valuable soothing complement as they work through issues in the relationship.

Reiki for couples is also a deeply spiritual art. We encourage each partner to experience the healing energy in their own way, so that each can connect with the universe and work through personal issues on an individual basis. In that way, Reiki for couples eases the stress of relationships, births more love, and can strengthen faith in our partners and ourselves.

Contact me for more information about whether Reiki for couples is right for you and your partner.


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