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Menopause is anything but “the hopeless age”

Here’s a fact for you. A fact that is surely enough to make any woman quickly feel uneasy. The Arabic word for menopause has an unfortunate translation: “the age of despair” or “the hopeless age”.

Well to be frank, we reject this translation. It is untrue, and deeply inaccurate. As if we don’t have enough societal pressure and cultural norms to battle against on the subject, we certainly don’t need to label it as such. There is no need for any more negative connotation on the matter. The words we use play a great part in how we see and view the world after all.

Older women are anything but hopeless. The Healer‘s Yurt has recognised a great need to support women in their menopausal phase. This is a global issue, for sure; and each ethnic or religious group will vary on all great life changes. But we must pay attention to the more vulnerable groups, and the first step on this journey is creating awareness.

We live and we learn. That‘s the sentiment that often follows a great struggle or test of character. We are constantly learning in our lives, all through our adulthood and beyond. We live, we learn, we live some more.

Knowledge is power, so they say. The lack of understanding and awareness on this subject in the region is leaving women downright powerless.

We believe no one should be left alone to be powerless to the natural changes happening within them. Without clarity on the subject and without the acceptance of these changes, it can more often that not become the hardest challenge in a woman’s life.

What can we do to begin to tackle this problem? How can we impact the lives of women in practical ways?

The Healer’s Yurt provides a platform of support, education and community. These factors are the groundwork of overcoming the challenges of menopause. We’ve been a champion of women’s support for a long time, and can be accessed at any stage of a woman’s life. Whether you find your healing method is Reiki, mindfulness, hormone treatment, or a combination, you will soon be back to being your best self.


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