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Man-opause is a thing, here's what you need to know

The topic of menopause is still taboo. It’s a hard subject for both women and men. The fact that most go through it without talking about it, makes it a lonely journey. We often hear of hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia and worse. But what about the psychological aspects?

By definition, Menopause is the time when women stop menstruating and are no longer able to produce children. This is a time of uncertainty for most women because it is such a foreign experience and there is very little information available regarding the changes you will go through physically and emotionally as this time approaches. In addition, the social stigma surrounding menopause will cause even more uncertainty and fear making it even harder to adjust.

But do men have a male equivalent?

A manopause is often referred to as the male menopause or andropause, defined as the change of life in men. Considering that menopause in women can be quite difficult – with its various physical and psychological symptoms – one can only imagine how men feel at this crossover period, when their bodies undergo the same upheaval. However, unlike women's menopause, which is well recognized and appreciated by society in general (along with the social, economic and legal benefits that come with it), men's own transition years have remained shrouded in mystery.

'Male menopause' is a term used to describe the decrease in male testosterone production in men as they get older ... The functions of testosterone are too broad to list here, but it can be said that it has a massive role in a man's life. Besides affecting a man's libido, testosterone is also responsible for bone strength, immune function and muscle mass to name but a few.

My services include a place for men and women to gather together and support each other in their healing from the affects of the menopause. Inside the community there is a wealth of information and support material through healing methods and medical doctors.

By using the valuable forum discussions and our range of healing services such as Reiki and meditaion, you can experience relief from your symptoms AND help restore your health into old age. The community is open to both men and women but it’s also important to mention that what works for one man may not work for another.

Please get in touch to arrange your consultation where we can find a plan to suit your needs.


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