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How to help a friend who is struggling

There are few worse feelings in the world than watching someone dear to us struggle with a problem. The empathy we feel for them can not only be painful, but can cause a deep strain on the relationship between you.

How many times have you offered someone advice for them to seemingly ignore you and take a path that leads them further into distress? The feelings of frustration and helplessness with other people's problems are very difficult to handle.

During the New Year period, people can tend to boast their successes, flaunt their best bits of the year before and of the year to come. What can seem to be harmless bragging can leave some of us feeling lower than ever. January is synonyms with new goals and new beginnings, but also with depression and anxiety.

Platitudes like "Everything happens for a reason" aren't helpful when you're trying to comfort a friend. Resorting to clichés can make it feel like you're minimizing the friend's pain.

Sometimes words simply aren't enough, and it takes a supportive friend to offer a path towards the solution. With a variety of healing methods available, we can be sure to find what is causing the roadblocks in between them and their best self.

The introductory session will be purely about supporting and advising the course of action in the journey towards wellness. To purchase the session as a gift for a friend, contact me for more information.


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