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I'm Sandra,

Thanks so much for dropping by my site today.

My Reiki journey kicked off when I felt like I was right on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Being a single parent, I couldn't afford to slip into reliance on antidepressants, alcohol, or anything that could be harmful. I needed to be strong for my son, give him the best upbringing possible.

I was totally exhausted and felt utterly helpless, until a friend of mine mentioned Reiki. After my very first session, I woke up in a foetal position, sobbing uncontrollably. At the beginning, it was scary, but strangely, it also felt like the most relief I'd experienced in years.

I kept going for more sessions, and it truly transformed me into a stronger person, a better friend, a more caring mother, and a more confident human being. I got so fascinated by how it was helping me in my daily life that I decided to learn Reiki for myself. In 2008, I even passed Reiki Level 2. Ever since, I've been practicing Reiki both in person and from a distance, and now I'm officially a Reiki Master.

Besides Reiki, I've also learned to teach meditation, mindfulness, and EFT tapping. I believe life throws different stressors at us in different phases, so it's crucial to use the right tools to become the best versions of ourselves.

Me and my team are totally committed to helping you become the absolute best version of you.

With oodles of love and a whole lot of light,


Sandra xx

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