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I just received remote Reiki therapy from Sandra. I have been poorly for the last few weeks with a variety of symptoms. I was also, like everyone, a bit anxious about the situation at the moment. I emerged after the therapy, which made me feel like I was being bathed in a warm bright light, with a clearer head, chest and with more energy.

Thank you so much for sharing your generous gift.

I had had Reiki once before so I thought I knew what to expect but my session with Sandra was completely different. There was a thorough assessment before the treatment where Sandra explained the principles and put me completely at ease. The session was everything I had hoped for and more. I was given some exercises to do at home and I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I'm sleeping through the night for the first time in a long time. I'll definitely be back and I highly recommend Sandra if you're thinking of trying Reiki for the first time or would like to give it another go.

I had my first reiki session the other night, I was very apprehensive about it to start but it I can honestly say it was great and very intense! Sandra explained everything to me and all the stages Of reiki as I had never heard about it. She explained things I may feel throughout the session which really put me at ease. I felt calm and reassured the whole way through and the aftercare has been great from Sandra with recommendations of how to change things at home.. Would definitely recommend!! Thanks Sandra xxx

I was very impressed by the service I received from Sandra. Her treatment helped me through a very stressful time in my life, with her support I felt more able to process what was happening. Great aftercare too. Thumbs up from me. Thank you Sandra

A complete rejuvenant and refreshing session. I was sceptic to try reiki but Sandra is a professional, she makes you confident and gives you the right tools to excel!

Thank you Sandra for rerouting my confidence!!!

In our day to day life, we rely so much on chemicals to sort out our issue while there is non invasive (alternative) médecine to help us handle our suffering without messing up the rest of our body. Familiar with many soft médecine, until 2 weeks ago however I wasn’t familiar with Reiki. My mother in law was battling a skin issue and suffering a great deal. We decided to try as we couldn’t bare to know she was in so much pain and she had her sessions from distance as she lives in other continent. Since she also doesn’t speak English there was no interaction with her. Yet, after few days she started to feel much better. We felt very relieved.

Thank you for working your magic. I was feeling out of sorts and in a quick session my tension was released, my head cleared and I was able to focus. Not sure how it works but just know it worked for me. Thanks a million x

Pre treatment assessment was almost as good as the reiki itself but only almost the best yet ! Honestly left lighter fresher and with an inner peace I will definitely return ....thank you

I had my first reiki session with Sandra a short while ago and was incredibly impressed by how it helped. Sandra is a naturally warm and welcoming practitioner, who through reiki is able to help you understand your mind, body and soul. Highly recommended.

My Reiki session with Sandra was extremely calming and healing. Often as we go about our busy lives we forget to check in on ourselves and my session was just that. It was a beautiful check in, filled with moments of healing and support. Sandra, is a natural healer and I look forward to my next session.

Really benefited from my Reiki session I will definately be booking it again and would 100% recommend Sandra to anyone thinking about trying Reiki

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I recently went to see Sandra at The Reiki Yurt and found the entire experience incredibly soothing. Having never had Reiki before, I wasn't sure what I would feel. But I was mesmerised at the energy and the healing I received. I would highly recommend anyone to try it, it's certainly something I will be doing monthly. Thanks Sandra, you truly have healing hand!

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